Needs – #12moW

I’ve decided to (attempt) to the the Urban Spaceman’s twelve months of writing challenge (link to the post explaining it Here).

February’s prompt is Wealth and this week’s challenge is a drabble. Here it goes!

She had everything she needed. Food in her belly, a roof over her head, a bed to sleep in, a job that allowed her a little freedom between assignments.

He had everything he needed. Hard nutrition bars that tasted like cardboard, a small windowless room, if he was lucky a blanket to soften to floor or cover him, a job that gave others freedom.

Or so they thought. Until they met each other and realized that neither of them had anything they needed. Silently they watched a couple smile together. With nothing but the clothes they wore, they had everything.


One thought on “Needs – #12moW

  1. Nice drabble! I love the repetition between the first and second paragraph, and how the final paragraph shows that wealth is not only personally subjective, but our perception of it can change with our experiences. Very poignant – and an apt story for the current date.

    Thanks for participating in #12MoW!


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